Spring in Vancouver


I'm baack. How are you doing my sweeties, I missed you! My-oh-my, the past 2 weeks have been non-stop and productive to say the least. I've done and seen so many good things, though. The week in Vancouver was fabulous. I have to say it is just beautiful over on the west coast and thankfully we had had some sunny days. No matter where you are downtown, you have a view of the gorgeous mountains! The air is so clean and fresh...sigh. Here are some pretty pics I took.

After such a crazy week I was thankful to have the past few days off for Easter. I really needed some 
down-time and decided I had to 'disconnect'. That is, mainly from the internet and any socializing - besides family get-togethers and a couple of phone calls with friends. I needed to shift my focus and energy and just get back to basics, you know?

I have to admit it's done a lot of good...The result of cooping myself up: major progress in getting our home in order, bonding time with family and the bf. All much-needed!

How have you been? I need updates! 

P.S. As always, I'll be sharing another delightful boutique I discovered while away; stay tuned for my next post!

We ate at The Teahouse, in Stanley Park

The Olympic Torch from the 2010 Winter Games!


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  1. must be so pretty!
    Have missed you Marie! How is everything going? job? new city? Hope all is good darling xoxo