Laundry Room DIY by Centsational Girl

Just the other day I mentioned that I sometimes like to do laundry early in the morning before leaving for work. The truth is, I love doing laundry, period! The whole ritual of it is calming and at the same time it makes me feel productive. You know? I take my time folding everything into neat little piles and love that everything is so soft and smells like Vanilla Lavender.

One day I'll make sure to have a chic little laundry room like this one, revamped by DIY blogger Centsational Girl. The colors are perfect for the task at hand and the chandelier adds that feminine touch. This space is so fresh and inviting, who wouldn't want to do laundry in this room?


Cupboards before....

 Fresh and bright after.


  1. Oh yes I want! She did a lovely job:-)

  2. I sat here tonight thinking about all the changes I could make...even as a renter. Living in the same apartment for 5 years and not making it my own is just too long. (I think I just started writing my next post. Thanks for the inspiration.)

    Fun post.

  3. Thanks so much for the feature Marie, I am so flattered ! It's true, I have no problem doing laundry now in this freshened up space !

    Much love,

  4. that laundry room is amazingly decorated! my favorite parts would have to be the starfish, and the chandelier. i have always wanted a beach themed bathroom. a laundry room would be nice also! when i get my own place someday, i will definitely be using these pictures as inspiration!


  5. love what she did!! if i has a room like that I might enjoy laundry too :)